aka Mono-Wheel and Steel Wheel

(but don't call it that)

If you whittle down a gym wheel to just one hoop, you'd be left with an apparatus known as cyr wheel. 

Popularized by Daniel Cyr in the 1990s, Cyr wheel is a relatively new apparatus (more history below). 

Cyr Wheel History

Invented at the end of the 20th century, the Cyr Wheel, as it was named in 1998, is an artistic apparatus designed for circus performances.  The typical wheel movement is the “waltz”, a continuous spin or swirling pirouette, similar to that of a top or a coin rotating around its axis. Daniel Cyr’s efforts and research work led to the design of the apparatus and the development of the technical vocabulary of the practice.

In 1993, Daniel Cyr co-founded Cirque Éloize and was the head of the research and development for the company’s acrobatic devices and apparatus design. He built his first wheel in 1996. The idea came to him from a large hula hoop and an old circular wrought-iron coat rack.

Source: Valérie Inertie

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