What is a Gymnastics Wheel?

Formerly known as a German Wheel, a Gym wheel is a sports apparatus. 

Now popular with the contemporary circus world, the Gym wheel is used for performing as well as sport and training. 

It is made from steel and has 4 parts: Hoops, Bars, Boards, and Handles.

Gym Wheel

The gym wheel is a double wheel similar to a human-sized hamster wheel. Otto Feick, son of a blacksmith and railroad worker from the Rhön region in Germany, drew inspiration from a childhood experience to invent the apparatus. Indeed, his grandfather let him roll down a hill in an iron-rimmed barrel of sorts.


In 1925, Feick patented his invention, called a Rhönrad, and as the owner of a metal works factory, he was able to build his wheels. He also developed three other types of wheels: the E-Rad whose double wheels were set closer, the Dreia designed for 3 people and the Globus for 5 people. However, the all-purpose Rhönrad wheel is the only one to have stood the test of time. 

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