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Gym Wheel is a great work out. It will strengthen your core and improve your balance, body and spacial awareness (not mention confidence).

 The only prerequisite is a good attitude. Be ready to try, sweat, fail, and laugh! 


Featured Member: AYLA WEISZ

1. What type of wheel do you perform/train?

I mainly perform on cyr wheel, but I train on German Wheel as well have performed on it

with Chris Delgado and ABCirque. Love them both, but they’re very different -

german wheel is easier to learn but harder to master where as cyr wheel is harder to learn but...still pretty hard to master.


2. How long have you been performing/training your preferred apparatus?

I’ve been training on Cyr wheel for a little over two years and been performing for about a year. I started at student showcases and small shows put on by friends and have been building momentum and tightening up my acts to perform with Only Childe Aerial Theatre, Atlas Circus Company, and ABCirque,.


3. Why do you wheel?

Well I started wheeling because I saw a video of Rachel Salzman and thought “I have to try that”. And I kept wheeling cause I was pretty good at it, it came naturally to me and that was pretty exciting. By the time that passed, I was totally hooked. Cyr wheel is really a middle ground for all kinds of circus practices - it’s an apparatus but it’s on the ground, you can ride the edge of being out of control or be a completely in control, I do it as a solo performer but I always have a partner. It’s incredibly frustrating but it’s also really fun and there’s a great community around wheeling.


4. Did you name your wheel? If so, what?

Yes! My first wheel’s name is Toothless after the dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon” - one of my favorite movies. And my wheel is black and helps me fly just like a night furry. My other wheels kinda have names: sparklepus, jaws, little blue, and chris’ wheel - but they more developed than were named.


5. What do you do when you’re not wheeling?

Attempt to adult

Learn more about Ayla at her website and by following her on Instagram @ayla_cyriously

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